CARBOREP Objetives


CARBOREP's objectives are to:

  • Improve the quality of qualification programmes related to the automotive industry, with regard to contents (high-need orientation), methods and in terms of transparency and recognition between the European countries (using common EU tools);
  • Reach an harmonised standard of qualification in the car body repair sector, aligned with the requirements of the industry, to promote mobility of specialists in Europe;
  • Create and improve a qualification programme for the involved personnel and enhance the integration and exploitation of these offers also to countries with lower engagement and access to these offers;
  • Promote language learning and linguistic diversity through the provision of a multi-national materials and a multi-national pilot training;
  • Increase transparency of competences and qualifications for the automotive sector. The European curriculum to be developed promotes transparency and mutual trust between I-VET and C-VET systems;
  • Develop a qualification which considers the labor market needs by the involvement of different stakeholders (SME and Large Companies, European associations, VET-organisations), by going in line with the training requirements, while identifying a competence profile, in order to make the VET more responsive to new challenges and needs in the sector;
  • Foster the promotion of new learning opportunities, in a easily accessible and career oriented VET profile.