Why do we need CARBOREP?

  • Because of the lack of qualified personnel in the manufacturing sector is one of today’s problems for the European industry, and the car body repair area doesn’t make any exception from it.
  • Because we want to avoid of the skills mismatch of the companies’ employers involved in car body repair processes, both from Large Enterprises and SMEs.
  • Because having qualified personnel in the European industry leads to a better adaptation to the market’s constant changes, increased innovation, higher quality and organic development. These are nowadays’ market requirements that companies have to comply with.

CARBOREP is about:

  • Developing a harmonised training solution for the personnel working in the auto body repair sector.
  • Creating a professional profile (European Car Body Repair Technician - ECBRT) that covers a specific market need. The project gains even more relevance because it will assure that the skills and qualification profile development is done at a European level, with a transnational scope, aligned with the European market needs, and then transferred to a national and regional level.
  • Supporting the creation of a harmonised training guideline featuring a modular curriculum built with Learning Outcomes, training materials in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) and design of the assessment scheme for the trainees.

CARBOREP stakeholders are:

  • Automotive OEM car producers
  • Insurance companies
  • Repair garages owned by or sanctioned by specific OEM’s
  • Independent repair garages qualified to perform work for specific OEM’s
  • Independent repair garages sanctioned to work for specific insurance companies
  • Independent repair garages not sanctioned by automotive OEM’s or Insurers
  • National bodies / associations for repair
  • International bodies / associations for repair
  • Vocational training providers