About the project

The European auto body repair industry is as an important economic branch in Europe, with over 200,000 working professionals and50,000 companies, mainly SMEs. With the ever-continuing innovations in cars, the body repair sector is in constant need of curricula for new skills and expertise. In the past decade one of the major changes in automobiles has been the replacement of the joining technique of welding by adhesive bonding of auto body parts. This new technique in cars demands new skills and trainings for auto body repair personnel.

The idea of CARBOREP Erasmus+ Project arises from the rom the fact that there is a lack of specific qualifications and training schemes for personnel working in vehicle repair and maintenance industry, particularly in car body repair. Having a high-quality curriculum, featuring the state of the art technologies and manufacturing processes used in car body repair is of paramount importance, to guarantee motor vehicle safety. As automotive manufacturing techniques advance and improve, so must the local shops and other independent operators must be able to ensure vehicle repair and maintenance routines are performed correctly.

Harmonised training solution for all the personnel working in car body repair sector

By aligning the qualification profile at the European level, CARBOREP becomes a good practice example of how the project objectives and results contribute on achieving the European Union"s targets and the objectives of the Erasmus + program of increasing the labour market relevance of VET and reducing skills mismatches and shortages.

In this project, TWI is the Project Coordinator, in direct contact with the National Agency from the UK. EWF is the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting, with a Training and Qualification network covering 30 member countries that will be essential in the implementation and dissemination of CARBOREP results. The welding institutes of the UK (TWI), Portugal (ISQ), and Spain (CESOL), all have a strong knowledge and expertise in training and qualification at a sector-based level.